Indigenous Procurement - Simplified
Streamlined Savings

Successful businesses know that every dollar counts towards the bottom line. That means that smart procurement can have a big impact.

Procurement includes sourcing, preparing, placing and receiving an order and payment. Experts estimate that each vendor purchase can cost up to $90 to procure. So, the more vendors you are dealing with, the more procurement costs you are paying.

eSupply Canada not only makes it easy to order your janitorial, office and industrial supplies but our one-stop-shop website allows you to order all the essentials from one vendor - saving on procurement.

The savings are two-fold as we leverage our purchasing power to offer competitive pricing on all of our products.

Supply Chain Diversity

Many government departments and agencies, public institutions and industries are mindful of supporting supply chain diversity. We are 100% Indigenous-owned and give back to each and every community that makes eSupply Canada their supplier of choice. From the front office to the job site and everywhere in between, eSupply Canada helps you deliver on your organization’s commitment to supply chain diversity.

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