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"Accès Interdit / No Entry" CSA Safety Sign, 14" x 10", Plastic, Bilingual with Pictogram Each


  • Communicate regulatory, warning, or informational messages in a symbol to employees and visitors in the workplace. Use Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z321 symbols designed to be easily understood for specific safety and/or health hazards. Symbols are divided into three classifications with each containing two sub-groups - for a combination of six colours and three shapes. 1. REGULATORY 1.1 PROHIBITION Forbids an Action (red and black on white) 1.2 MANDATORY Requires/Obligatory Action (white on black) 2. WARNING 2.1 CAUTION Potential Hazard (black on yellow) 2.2 DANGER Definite Hazard (white on red) 3. INFORMATION 3.1 EMERGENCY First Aid, Health, Fire Protection, Fire Fighting, and Emergency Equipment (white on green) 3.2 GENERAL INFORMATION Permission or Public Information (white on blue) Safety Signs meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z321 standard for Signs and Symbols for the Workplace. Signs contain symbol with text to provide flexibility in conveying the sign message. The safety symbol is contained in a geometric shape with accompanying colours. These are uniform designs for an easily understood sign. The particular shape and colour combination distinguish the type of safety classification category. These attention-getting signs communicate the text safety information message. Signs measure 355 mm x 254 mm (14" x 10"). Available in English Only, Bilingual French-English, and French Only formats. DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM CSA SIGN! PROVIDE A MESSAGE, SELECT A PICTOGRAM SYMBOL AND MATERIAL AND LET US DO THE WORK.

Price CAD: $22.60

Shipping Weight (lbs): 3.968


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