Dressing the Part: Clothing that Saves Lives

Most people tend to think that our clothing is of little to no consequence. Some tend to dismiss it altogether as a frivolous, unimportant part of our lives. When compared to everything else in our lives, it may seem that way at first, but what if I told you that wearing the proper clothing could save your life. Now I know that may sound a little dramatic but hear me out, because this is most definitely true.

First things first. Let’s start by answering a few questions you may have before diving a bit deeper into the benefits of wearing the proper safety attire at work and how you can start reaping the benefits of making these simple choices today.

Who Needs Protecting?

So, who exactly is in such dire need of protection from their working conditions that clothing could save their lives? Well, this article is especially written for all the folks out there who are working in warehouses in the 3PL industry (third party logistics), construction workers, road construction side workers, heavy equipment operators, road surveyors, utility workers, firemen, emergency responders, tow truck drivers, crossing guards, parking attendants, toll booth operators, shipyard dock workers, airport ground crews, tree service workers (roadside), railway workers, movers, warehouse workers, policemen, event security (particularly if near traffic), garbage and refuse workers, and even shopping cart retrievers. Because, yes, even shopping cart retrieving can be a most dangerous endeavour if not equipped with the proper safety attire.

What is Safety Attire?

I am sure by now you are asking that all important question. “What is this attire this writer keeps on going on about?” Well, I am talking about owning and wearing a hi-vis vest, as the kids call it nowadays. For those of you who still don’t know what I am talking about. Allow me to explain. A hi vis vest or High-visibility safety apparel, is an item of clothing workers can wear to improve their visibility or how well other people see them.

Here's a list of high-visibility clothing available at eSupply Canada:

Coveralls & Overalls
Hats & Hoods
Jackets & Vests
Parkas & Rainwear
Shirts & Pants
Traffic Harness

How Does it Work?

These garments are specially designed with a technology that makes them highly luminescent even in its natural matt form, as well as with bright and vivid colours that can easily be distinguished from any background. High-visibility vests are an essential part of personal protection equipment, as they prevent accidents from happening because of people not being seen. They are most essential in high risk situations that are created by any type of high volume traffic or moving vehicles, as well as harsh weather or low lighting conditions.

Who Should Wear Safety Apparel?

There are hundreds of different occupations and even hobbies that can benefit from the use of these types of garments in the protection and safety of their participants. Some pastimes that could also benefit from this added protection include cyclists, motorcyclists, and hunters. To help ensure their visibility in high traffic areas, harsh weather conditions such as snow or heavy rain, and in low light conditions (this could be most favourable for cyclists who love going out for a ride at night). In the case of hunters, using a high visibility garment can prevent any accidental shooting, in the case of the hunter being mistaken for something else.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Safety Attire?

A case control study conducted in New Zealand found that the population attributable risk was 33% for not wearing any kind of high visibility safety attire.  In other words, one third of motorbike and cyclist accidents could have been prevented if the rider would have been wearing some form of high visibility clothing. This is just one of the many case studies that have been conducted throughout the world proving the effectiveness of wearing high visibility safety gear in situations that impose high risk of accidents happening due to low visibility.

In fact, many countries around the world have put in place various legal requirements for the wear of high visibility clothing in high risk situations. Among the countries in this list are India, the United States of America, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, Canada.

Now that we have discussed what exactly high visibility safety attire is, how it works, who could benefit from wearing it and what are the benefits of wearing it (other than saving your life); we can discuss a bit more about what is the best place to purchase your hi vis essentials from, ethically, while also supporting indegenous communities.

Where Can I Purchase Safety Apparel?

Now that we have discussed what exactly high visibility safety attire is, how it works, who could benefit from wearing it and what are the benefits of wearing it (other than saving your life); we can discuss a bit more about what is the best place to purchase your hi vis essentials from, ethically, while also supporting indigenous communities.

No matter where in Canada you are located, eSupply Canada can reach you and deliver your items right to your doorstep. eSupply Canada has distribution centres in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, allowing swift delivery to any business in urban, rural and remote locations. With our competitive prices, over one million different products across various categories, and incredible customer service, eSupply is the perfect choice for all your supply needs.

When you purchase from eSupply Canada, not only are you set with all your safety apparel needs, as we have a wide range of safety apparel ranging from high visibility safety wear to a wide range of safety gloves for every need, but you would also be supporting a growing indigenous owned company. eSupply Canada is a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and is registered under the federal government’s Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). If your company or organization has made a commitment to support Indigenous owned businesses, then eSupply Canada is the supplier for you!

We also donate a portion of each sale to the eSupply Future Leaders Scholarship Program, which supports Indigenous students pursuing post-secondary education in the fields of business, economics, law, and the trades. By placing your order through eSupply Canada, you can have an even greater impact than you would through, say, a big-box retailer that is concerned with cutting costs and maximizing shareholder value. At eSupply Canada we're doing things differently. Come find out for yourself!

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