eSupply Canada Provides Laptops to Indigenous Learners at the Millwright Program at OPG

One of our main focuses here at eSupply Canada is helping Indigenous communities thrive, and we support them in various ways. Either through our own Future Leaders Program or through outside programs when we can. Recently, we had the amazing opportunity to support the Millwright Training Program by providing them with laptops needed for their Indigenous learners. The Introduction to Millwrighting (ITM) Training Program being run at OPG for Indigenous participants is a collaborative effort between OPG, Durham College, and the Millwright Regional Council, among numerous others; to provide supplemental training and education to Indigenous participants to assist in preparation for aptitude testing required to enter into the Millwright trade. The Millwright trade is an essential part of many industries. As such, this field has a significant demand for skilled workers. That's where this program comes in.

The program aims to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the workforce as a Millwright. It focuses on teaching participants important things they need to know, so they can confidently enter the workforce and succeed in their careers. It offers personal protective equipment, laptops, and a six-week introduction to the aptitude testing required to become a Millwright. Participants who successfully complete the program and are 19 years or older will have the opportunity to join the union as first-year apprentices and be dispatched to available work, creating opportunities to enter the workforce and build a stable career.

eSupply Canada played a crucial role in supporting the program by providing laptops for the participants, enabling them to access vital resources and materials for their training and education. This year's group is the largest yet, with 11 Indigenous millwright hopefuls undertaking the specialized six-week course. Since the program's launch in October 2021, it has produced more than 20 millwright apprentices who have gone on to find work at OPG, across the energy sector, as well as in the ICI. 

Andy Forsyth, Business Consultant for the Millwright Regional Council, says, “ We were faced with some difficult timelines around ordering and receiving the computers we required to start the program. We reached out to the team at eSupply, who pulled off nothing short of a miracle and had the computers at our location in an incredibly short period of time. Their heartfelt desire to support the program was incredible, and we will definitely be using eSupply for future programs.”

The ITM Program being held at OPG is helping to support the goals outlined in OPG's Reconciliation Action Plan, which commits to increasing the representation of Indigenous employees across the company and growing the economic impact for Indigenous communities and businesses to $1 billion over ten years. OPG continues to work with Kagita Mikam Aboriginal Employment and Training, based in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, to help identify and assess recruits for ION.

By partnering with eSupply Canada, the ITM program being run at OPG demonstrates the  commitment to removing barriers and providing equal opportunities for Indigenous people to excel in their education and future careers. These laptops facilitate the participants' learning experience and equip them with valuable digital skills that are increasingly necessary for today's workforce.

eSupply Canada's involvement in the program exemplifies the power of collaboration between organizations that share the goal of empowering Indigenous communities and supporting their educational and career aspirations. This contribution goes beyond the provision of laptops; it symbolizes the commitment of multiple stakeholders to make a positive impact and bridge gaps in educational access and resources. The ITM program being held at OPG  is an excellent example of how different organizations can come together to create a positive impact on society, increasing the representation of Indigenous employees across the country and growing the economic impact for Indigenous communities and businesses.

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