eSupply Canada Future Leaders Development Fund Supports Indigenous Students to Attend Summer Camp


[Saugeen First Nation, Ontario, May 15, 2023] - We are proud to announce that eSupply Canada has made a $3,000 sponsorship to The Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre Summer Splash Day Camp. The Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre Summer Splash day camp has operated on a no-fee basis for low-income families in the Hamilton Road neighbourhood for more than a decade. Still, a funding shortfall this spring placed the Crouch team in a difficult position of charging fees to all families or cancelling the camp. In response, Crouch launched a sponsorship campaign asking Londoners to “send kids to camp” and cover the weekly per-child shortfall of $40. eSupply Canada responded by subsidising 8 weeks of camp for 9 kids with a donation of $3,000.  

eSupply Canada Founder & CEO Steven Vanloffeld, who is a member of Saugeen First Nation, saw the Crouch camp as an excellent opportunity to help provide a quality summer experience in a neighbourhood where many of the camp participants identify as Indigenous. Indigenous teachings are incorporated into the camp in partnership with the Indigenous Fellowship of Hamilton Road. Summer Splash campers and staff learn from, and help to care for, Mushkeeki Gitigan, the Indigenous medicine garden located in South Branch Park. Fellowship members teach camp participants to create cultural items such as drums and beaded jewellery. 

"As an Indigenous-owned company, eSupply Canada believes in investing in the future of our community. Sponsoring the Summer Splash camp allows us to support cultural education among urban Indigenous kids and their peers. The Summer Splash campers are future leaders, and I’d love to see other businesses in London come forward to help fill the gaps.” - Steven Vanloffeld, Founder, eSupply Canada

Summer Splash, set to take place from July 4 to August 25, offers children from diverse backgrounds and economic circumstances the opportunity to enjoy field trips to recreational sites across the city and participate in sport and art-based activities at the Graham Family Eco-Park. 55 school-aged children attend the camp each week. With the donation from eSupply Canada, combined with contributions from individual Londoners, the Send a Kid to Camp Campaign is at 70% of its goal of securing full sponsorship for half of the campers. 

"Children in the Hamilton Road neighbourhood deserve to have the best possible summer camp experience, regardless of their family income. The Crouch team is honoured to have the support of eSupply Canada to help keep Summer Splash free for families with financial needs. We are also deeply grateful to the 38 Londoners who have already sponsored 8 weeks of camp for 12 children. We always say that Hamilton Road Has Heart, and our hearts are full with the campaign's results so far”. - Jennifer Martino, Executive Director, Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre 

By supporting eSupply Canada, you not only contribute to an Indigenous-owned small business but also play a vital role in supporting Indigenous communities and children all across Canada. With our recent $3,000 sponsorship to The Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre Summer Splash Day Camp, eSupply Canada has made it possible for low-income families in the Hamilton Road neighbourhood to access a quality summer experience at no cost. By subsidising eight weeks of camp for nine children, eSupply Canada has demonstrated its commitment to cultural education and the well-being of urban Indigenous kids. Our partnership with the Indigenous Fellowship of Hamilton Road ensures that Indigenous teachings are incorporated into the camp activities, fostering a sense of pride and connection to their heritage. With your support and that of other businesses, we can help fill the gaps and ensure that all children, regardless of their family's financial situation, have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable summer camp experience. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these future leaders and strengthen our community as a whole.

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