Facility Maintenance

When you need the right tools and equipment to get the job done, we can deliver. Our product line includes a wide range of industrial equipment, hardware and supplies.

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Acid Neutraliser
Acid Neutralizer
Aerosol Duster
Air Circulators & Floor Dryers
Air Circulators and Floor Dryers
Air Conditioning Units
Air Filter
Air Filter Parts & Accessories
Air Filter Parts and Accessories
Air Freshener
Air Purifier Parts & Accessories
Air Purifier Parts and Accessories
Air Purifying Units
All Purpose Cleaner
Animal Repellent
Animal Trap
Animal Waste Bags
Animal Waste Disposal Systems
Ash & Trash Container
Ash and Trash Container
Ashtray Parts & Accessories
Ashtray Parts and Accessories
Baby Changing Table
Backpack & Portable Vacuum
Backpack and Portable Vacuum
Bar Soap
Bath & Shower Mats
Bathroom Cleaner
Bench Can
Bio-Based Cleaner
Body Wash
Boot Brush & Scraper
Boot Brush and Scraper
Box Fans
Broom Parts & Accessories
Broom Parts and Accessories
Broom Wall Rack & Clips
Broom Wall Rack and Clips
Brush Parts & Accessories
Brush Parts and Accessories
Bucket & Wringer Parts & Accessories
Bucket and Wringer Parts and Accessories
Bulk Waste Receptacle
Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Extractor
Ceiling Fans
Changing Table
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Sprayers Parts & Accessories
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